Lohn Caulder has extensive experience in the preparation of Notice to Reader, Review Engagement, and Audited Financial Statements.

Lohn Caulder strives to streamline its procedures in the preparation of financial statements to offer you the best possible business and financial advice at the lowest possible cost.

Other client financial reporting issues that we deal with include:
  • financial statement analysis
  • trust auditing and statute compliance
  • cash flow projections, financing needs, and banking proposals
  • purchase and systems reviews

Organizations have grown incredibly complex. And today, the financial statements of such organizations must, of necessity, satisfy a number of “masters”.

For owners, often the major concern is income tax – minimizing it, but at the same time, keeping the organization secure from the risk of tax audit adjustments.

But for other “stakeholders”, there are many other issues that need be addressed. Primary consideration is often given to financial service providers. Those who lend money, or invest, in the organization usually retain a right and expectation to receive timely and credible reports as to the status and security of their loan or investment. These providers usually contract with the organization to furnish them with reports on certain factors, such as liquidity ratios, debt-to-equity, working capital requirements, inventory valuation, the quality of the organizations internal controls, and a host of other financial criteria. Failure to adhere to these factors can result in cancellation of credit, or worse. Lohn Caulder is familiar with these factors – and we work to ensure that there are no surprises.

Our staff will often attend at a client’s premises, to most efficiently gain an understanding of the important issues facing the organization, and to place an emphasis on the material, without undue regard to the immaterial.

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