A professional service firm is only as good as the people within it. Lohn Caulder’s significant growth over the past years provides ample evidence as to our skill at hiring, nurturing and retaining those types of people. And the depth of experience of our staff, comprising over 300 person-years, speaks to that fact.

Success breeds success

With enthusiasm and dedication to client service, satisfied clients recommend us to others. This builds our business, and creates greater opportunity for advancement, and more challenging assignments, for everyone.

Lohn Caulder LLP is well aware of this, and so we are constantly in search of the best people to join our dynamic team. We have no “hiring season”, per se. When the right person comes along, we try to be astute enough to recognize the opportunity that good people offer us. Even if no immediate or obvious vacancy exists at the particular time, we try to make room wherever possible.

We hire graduates of universities or colleges with an interest in pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Indeed, the modern professional service firm is more and more a collection of specialists from a number of disciplines and backgrounds, and Lohn Caulder LLP is no exception.

Lohn Caulder LLP prides itself on offering something unusual in the accounting profession: a team of professionals, of which every single person is energized about the opportunities, job variety, intellectual challenge, and teamwork that professional life entails. This isn’t just a way to make a living – we actually enjoy what we do.

Communication, both written and oral, is key in our business. That is why proficiency in the English language is a vital quality for any candidate to have.

Our clients sense the enthusiasm of our staff from the moment they phone in, or drop by our reception desk. So, we are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who can add to our successful formula. Email your resume and cover letter directly to Tamara Lee.

Current Job Opportunities