To help our clients we are posting some important dates that corporations and individuals should be aware of:

    • Monday April 30, 2019 is the deadline for your personal tax return
    • Download a  Comprehensive Checklist for Your Personal Income Tax Returns
    • Download a Simplified Personal Income Tax Checklist
    • Download a T1 Client T1 Engagement letter for the taxation year
    • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed a streamlined approach for authorized representatives (such as Lohn Caulder) to access taxpayer information over the Internet. To ensure that such access is authorized, they have developed Form T1013. All clients should print out this document, sign it in the place indicated, and include it with the tax material you send us. We will use the form to establish a direct link to your tax history data at CRA. This minimizes the possibility of discrepancies and missed information.
    • If you have an interest in foreign (non-U.S.) bank or other financial accounts and the aggregate maximum value of these accounts during the year exceeded $10,000 US, you are required to submit a separate FinCEN Form 114 Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. Click here to download our 2018 Form 114 FBAR Worksheet
    • Download a Lohn Caulder U.S. Personal Tax Checklist 2018
    • You should also complete and sign a Form 114a in order to authorize our firm to file the FBAR on your behalf. Click here the download the form
  • Your corporate tax return is due six months after your fiscal year end
  • The end of February is the T4 and T5 reporting deadline
  • Download a Year End Checklist (fillable version) | (non-fillable version)
  • Filing deadlines for Family Trust returns are March 31
  • Download a Trust Year End Transaction Summary: