Welcome to the 2022 Personal Tax Filing Season!

It’s time again to file your personal tax returns. This year, 2022 tax returns must be in the hands of the Canada Revenue Agency by no later than Monday, May 1, 2023.

We’d like to deliver the finished product as quickly and efficiently as possible – and we’re sure that many clients will, as of today, already possess all the information that’s needed. So, we’d like to encourage everyone to consider the “practical” deadline as really being early April  – there’s little reason for any later than that!

This issue of the newsletter includes the following:

1. (Very Important): Our T1 engagement letter which must be included with the material you send us;

2. Our abbreviated, ‘Simplified’ T1 checklist;

3. Our more Comprehensive T1 Checklist, including explanatory information.

Extra copies of these checklists can be obtained at our website – www.lohncaulder.com/checklists

Submitting information to us through Portal

Clients will, by now, be familiar with our system of document submission, which uses our portal.  Based on prior years’ trends, we expect that at least 85% of our clients will use this system.  It’s popular because it’s easy to use, it’s secure, and is not restricted as to file size, which is generally a problem with e-mail attachments these days.

To access the service, you need an account set up.  You can get that by contacting portal@lohncaulder.com.

We look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

The Lohn Caulder Team

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