The T1 Deadline Looms!

We’ve noticed that many clients have yet to send in their personal tax material.

Please help us out by getting your material in to us as quickly as possible – even if one or two items are missing. Send us what you have now, so we can at least get a preparer assigned to the job.

This year’s filing deadline is Monday, May 1st. If we do not receive your information by April 15th, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete the required filings by the filing deadline.

Please send your information to us electronically and use our Portal, if possible.  If you need to drop off information you can do that too and we will scan your information for you.

Refer to checklist and other information available on our website:

Feel free to contact your Lohn Caulder representative if you have any questions or concerns.


The Lohn Caulder T1 Team

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