2016 Personal Tax Filing Season

Welcome to the 2016 Personal Tax Filing Season!

It’s time again to file your personal tax returns. The deadline keeps changing – this year, those returns must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency by no later than Monday May 2, 2016.

We’d like to deliver the finished product as quickly and efficiently as possible – and we’re sure that many clients will, as of today, already possess all the information that’s needed (much of the most relevant data may already be on our system – we usually just need the ‘small stuff’, and other items, to tie everything together). So, we’d like to encourage everyone to consider the “practical” deadline as really being early April – there’s little reason for any later than that!

To help us help you, organization is the key! This newsletter contains a few items to help you accomplish your annual filing obligation with as little trouble and expense as possible.

Personal Tax Season Checklists:

  1. Our abbreviated, ‘One-Page’ T1 Checklist
    To download a printable ‘One-Page’ T1 Checklist: Click Here
  2. Our more comprehensive T1 Checklist, including explanatory information
    To download a printable Personal Income Tax Return T1 Checklist: Click Here
  3. Our T1 Engagement Letter
    To download the printable T1 Engagement Letter: Click Here

<span class=”small-text”>*We ask that you sign and include the T1 Engagement Letter with the material you send us. For simplicity, we ask that one person signs as the responsible person for the entire family.</span>

Extra copies of these checklists can be obtained at our website – www.lohncaulder.com/checklists

Submitting information to us on the ‘Cloud’

To access the service, you need an account set up. You can get that by contacting Taralee Vesey in our administration department: tvesey@lohncaulder.com, direct phone 604-408-3081, or Anthony Leong: aleong@lohncaulder.com, direct phone 604-408-3072.

We look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

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