We at Lohn Caulder are very excited about our newest corporate addition: LC Bookkeeping Inc.

Check out its website at www.lcbookkeeping.com

LC exists because we’ve been listening to our clients – and know that there’s a big demand out there for quality bookkeeping services. Until recently, our standard service delivery model hasn’t completely fit the needs of monthly or quarterly bookkeeping clients, but no longer.

With LC Bookkeeping, bookkeeping is all they do. So, you get a person on the line who is completely facile with the ‘ins and outs’ of all of the major software accounting packages, and comfortable with the maintenance and reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable subledgers, posting of regular journal entries, and all manner of recurring accounting functions.

With LC Bookkeeping, you can:

  • Get your monthly interim reports, and financial statements on an accurate, and timely basis.
  • Make your HST compliance as easy as possible, keeping you up to date with the deadlines.
  • Ensure your subledgers are reconciled to the general ledger, at all times throughout the fiscal year.
  • Highlight and prevent errors, such as duplicate payment of vendor invoices, or double billing by vendors (happens more often than you’d like to think!).
  • Prepare and maintain accounts receivable aging reports, so that you can address problem accounts before they turn into real problems.
  • Work with us online, via a secure Internet provider, to permit simultaneous access to records by both you and ourselves – a very fast and efficient way to fix problems.
  • Get your staff trained by us on proper bookkeeping techniques.

If you would like more information about what LC Bookkeeping can do for your business, give Jason Nakano a call at 604-408-3083 (direct) or email at jnakano@lohncaulder.com.

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