Lohn Caulder Introduces Internet Banking

We’ve been busy modernizing some of our procedures over the summer and fall. One of our changes that’s getting very positive feedback is Internet banking. That means you can now pay our account via your bank’s, or other financial institution’s, bill payment website.

It costs you, and us, nothing to use this method of payment, and you get a very effective record of the transaction when using it. So do we.

We’re already well along the way towards a ‘cashless’ society, and cheque writing is rapidly going out of fashion, too.

We want to keep up with these trends, and so we are proud to announce that you can now find Lohn Caulder LLP among the list of businesses that can be paid directly from your bank or credit union account. Just do an alphabetic search – you’ll find us. It’s fast and easy, and definitely the way of the future.

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