Lohn Caulder’s Firm Video: at Next Year’s Oscars ?

By December 10, 2012News

It’s pretty difficult to imagine what a movie about an accounting firm might be like, but why wonder: take a look at the video that our consultants, ‘Video in Vancouver’, came up with. You might be surprised.

It’s easily launched from the main page of our website: www.lohncaulder.com.

More and more, we are seeing clients and other businesses discovering for themselves what a powerful marketing tool the Internet can be – and with videos, you have an excellent opportunity to ‘make your pitch’ to a very wide audience, at basically zero cost.

We were, frankly, pleasantly surprised at what was possible, and at a very reasonable price. We are certain that videos will be a standard element of most websites, in the near future.

If accountants can produce one of these things, anybody can. So by all means, if you are interested in more information about our experience making this video, give us a call.

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